It’s problematic when a single word contributes to inequality in today's society. "Sorry" is a word we find ourselves using too often, even when it's not necessary.

So, let's drop the default "sorry" response, and replace it with affirmative actions and opinions.

She's not sorry is building a foundation to empower us females and femmes to defend our place and space in the workforce and throughout our lives. This idea of "sorry" goes beyond the word itself.

We recognize the need for a space that allows us to share our #sorrynotsorry stories, question the "appropriate" female mannerisms, support one another, and celebrate the Sasha Fierce in us all.

Our Team


Alex hagney, lady of creative

From dancer, female and community activist, marketing/creative student at Skidmore College, Alex found herself at wellness brand, Splendid Spoon. 

While at Splendid Spoon, Alex has developed a love for the way things look. From branding to content to IRL experiences. She does it all! 

On Saturday mornings you'll find Alex at Bakeri in Greenpoint BK sippin' on some matcha and sitting with her post yoga highs.


Hannah hoskins, lady of words

Most of Hannah's career has been spent marketing soup. Yes, she's worked for two different soup start-ups, moving from London-based Miso Tasty to working with Alex at Splendid Spoon in Brooklyn.

Hannah spends most her time typing away about the wonders of the wellness world, and the power of food.

Over the weekend you'll find Hannah running up the Hudson (and back), and undoing the hardwork with homemade baked treats.


tracy rivas, lady of community

It was in her role of Community Events Manager at WeWork that Tracy discovered a passion for curating experiences that bring like-minded people together. 

Creating spaces that empower entrepreneurs to chase their dreams inspired Tracy to pursue her own: she's now a freelancer, producing events and digital content for the world to see.

You’ll find Tracy practicing bikram yoga, doodling in her magical meditative coloring book, and dreaming of being a pro-surfer living beachside in Nicaragua.


Time for our Oscars speech... None of this would have been possible without our extended team and She's Not Sorry family. Special thanks to Madi Choné for designing our logo, Sophia Baraschi for the illustrations, Brian Benton for photography, and Deed, for inspiring the creation of She's Not Sorry.